Fire Dance Iceland

  • Brett Almond · $130
  • July 24th 2020 - July 26th 2020
  • Iceland
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Fire Dance in Iceland
Led by Brett Almond

It is with great joy that we invite you to come be part of the Fire Dance in Iceland in 2020! You are invited!

Dancers and crew alike will be transformed forever as the spirit of this dance moves through us and fans the fires in our hearts.

This is not a traditional Native American Ceremony. This Dance come from a time before the racial and religious barriers of the world existed. The infinite Circle of the Medicine Wheel predates man and we Dance to expand beyond form, dogma and criteria. We Dance to bring the wholeness back to the planet.

This will be the 4th time the Fire Dance has been held in Iceland. A dedicated team of shamanic teachers and facilitators from all over the world are coming to Iceland to facilitate the Iceland Fire Dance. If you come to the dance you will either be a dancer or a crew member. Typically, there might be twice as many crew members as dancers.

As a dancer you will come to live in a large, circular, dance space on the hillside from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning, under the loving eye of Mount Esjan, and overlooking the ocean, and you will dance with the Five Fires, journeying deeper and deeper into communion with your truest cosmic nature. There are periods of dance and periods of rest. If you dance, you will be fasting.

If you come to be on the crew. We will eat and live together in community as we hold this sacred container as drummers, fire keepers, singers, dance guardians and kitchen angels. A full list of positions you can find here. You will experience the power of the Fires and find yourself transformed by the love of the community. Your body will be nourished with high vibrational vegan and vegetarian friendly foods, and you will meet new family from all over the world.

This dance is open to everyone. You do not need prior experience to attend the dance. This is a 3-day Ceremony and Crew and Dancers are required to be fully present from Friday noon to Sunday late afternoon. It is not possible to attend parts of the Ceremony or to come for a little portion of the time.

Whether you are called to be a Fire Dancer or to serve the Dance as part of the Support crew, your life will be forever changed.  This Dance will open your heart in a new way and create connections to Spirit and Community. I thank you for considering being a part of this Ceremony.

It would be wonderful to have you join us whether you choose to serve on the support crew or as a Dancer.

“Dancing” is a word for movement. Sometimes dancing is standing still or lying down by a fire. Sometimes it is explosive or expressive and creative. It is up to you how you create your dance.

This is an event from Friday noon to Sunday late afternoon. If you choose to dance the period of fasting is about 40 hours, from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning.


“To be held in a Sacred Space and nurtured by a true community, whilst this Fire Dance Vision Quest was is in progress, was unlike anything I have ever experienced and something that I wholly recommend to anyone standing on the threshold of transformation. This experience of the Fire Dance took me to another level, because in a state of fasting and movement/dancing alongside the beat of drums and 5 Fires, I found myself transported inside our land with all the magic that this entails.” Linda Mjöll Stefansdóttir

"For me the fire dance was life changing. It was like everything fell into place in my life afterwards. The experience in itself was so overwhelming. I got to know parts of my self I didn’t know I had like strength, connection and love to myself. These words are so little compared to the experience that was so much. Blessings." Björk Ingadóttir, Rain


The coordinator for the Fire Dance is Anna Bjork Arnadottir. Anna can be reached on

There is more information about Anna further down the page. Please do to get in touch!

The Origin of the Fire Dance

The origin of the dance, as told by Robbie Warren: "The Fire Dance was given to me in a vision while I was dancing the Women’s Web of Life Dance in 2009. The maker of the Elemental Dance Shawls, Patti McFee, had a dream that I was to dance the Fire Shawl. She brought it to me during the dance and I put it on and danced with the Grandmothers and the Fire and Spirit. I was told my life would never be the same!

"I was immediately transported to the center of a different arbor. This arbor had 5 fires and I started dancing there. There were Fires in each of the 4 Directions and a Spirit Fire inside the arbor. As I danced there Spirit shared with me the Fire Dance.

"It was 18 months before I spoke of this Vision of a Fire Dance, and another 18 months before I danced it in this reality. The Fire Dance was born 3 years exactly after the Vision. During those 3 years Spirit shed me of the things in my life that no longer served the higher purpose. Within 3 months my relationship of 8 years was over. During the following year I lost my home and a business and my beloved 4 leggeds. The things that do serve my higher good came into my life. My Spirit work, my new life partner, my new home, my new eyes to see the world. My life was completely transformed by the Fire and Spirit. Now I have danced with the Fire and have felt Spirit’s power move through the Fires and through me. All of this was to prepare me to step into the role of Chief of the Fire Dance."

This Dance will ignite the passion and creativity within you to live your life fully as intended by Spirit. It will burn away the thing inside that blocks you and holds you back. The Firedance is about stepping into life fully and completely and the energy of this dance is incredibly powerful! We dance with 5 fires within a Medicine Wheel. The Spirit Keepers of the Directions are Dancing too! Spirit is Dancing in the Fire. It is tangible!

If you are called and if you are ready, the Fires are waiting………..and will forever be carried in your heart as a Fire Dancer!

Trai Hill: "It is time. Time to let the spark within our hearts grow and spread into a fire. Time to dance through that fire and let it burn away everything that does not serve us. Forged in heart-fire we re-emerge into the world and step fully into ourselves, ready to share the warmth and lead the way. Let's DANCE!"

Donations - How much is it?

We tend to use the word "donation" as the Fire Dance is not really run as a business in a conventional sense. There are many giving up their time to be part of this.

Any spare money is used in a good way, with a good proportion going back into the Fire Dances around the world. The Chief and coordinator generally put in hours way beyond any remuneration. We do this because we love it. 

To pay, click on "Book Now" at the top of this page and select one option from those given. You can pay from your PayPal account or can use a credit or debit card by clicking "Pay by Debit or Credit Card" after clicking the "Proceed" button. We do appreciate full payment in advance of the event. If you cannot please arrange with Anna on 

All meals included from Friday lunchtime to Sunday lunchtime. (After Friday lunchtime dancers will be fasting until Sunday lunchtime.)

Or you can use our Donations page for paying different values that are not offered on this page. 

These are the 3 options you have for the dance:

1 Fire Dancer $425 - $575 (50,000 - 70,000 ISK). You decide your level of donation. Includes tent if you need one. Pay a deposit of 17,000 ISK / $150 US to reserve one. 


2 Fire Dance Crew (Camping) and bring your own tent $120 (14,500 ISK)


3 Fire Dance Crew (Room) - with a bed in shared room (limited availability): $180 (22,000 ISK)

All the above include food for crew from Friday lunch to Sunday lunch. If you serve in the kitchen the Crew fee is optional. Ie. you do not need to pay unless you wish to. 

(The above includes staying Friday and Saturday night. There are no further costs unless you choose to stay extra nights outside of the dance.)

Location & Venue

The dance is held at:

Skrautholar 4, 116 Kjalarnes, Iceland

(The dance site is about an hour’s drive from Keflavik International Airport in Iceland).

For dance crew there is camping available on the grounds. You will need to bring a tent. Or there are limited beds available in shared accommodation.

Fire Dancers will sleep in the Dance Arbor (bring what you need for personal comfort and sleeping). If you are dancing we have tents available, included in your dance fee, or you can use your own tent. Reserve a tent, when you pay your dancer deposit. 

For information on how to get to the dance site please click here

Accommodation & Staying extra nights

You are welcome to stay extra nights around the dance. In fact, it encouraged.

For full details about what is available before, during and after the dance please see our Accommodation Page here.

Any money outside of the Fire Dance dates will be paid directly to Linda at Esjan, not to the Fire Dance. This venue is also run as an Airbnb outside of the dance times. 

Please contact Linda on for the costings / dates you need. 

Arrival Times 

The latest you can arrive is on Friday, 24th July, at 12 noon. Dancers and Crew should arrive by Thursday evening if possible though. It does help you settle and there is work to do in setting up the space and we would love you to be with us!

You are welcome to come earlier. Many will come earlier in the week. If you do you will need to arrange accommodation with Linda on You will need to pay Linda directly for this.

Wednesday Night Ceremony

We will be having a Fire Ceremony and Shamanic Drumming on the Wednesday before the Fire Dance. We will post an event page on Facebook and let you know on the Fire Dance Iceland event page. 

Further Questions

Please visit the FAQ Page where many common questions about the Fire dance are answered. 

Also please visit the event Facebook page to say you are coming and post questions.

Visit some blog posts with further information:


Other Fire Dances around the world & more about the Fire Dance

Visit the website for other Fire Dances around the world. 

Visit the main website.

We have a Fire Dance Community Facebook Page. You will need to ask to join. Mention how you found out about the Fire Dance when you ask. 

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Crew Postions & Dancers

The "Chief" of a Fire Dance is the person who decides which positions someone will "serve" in. By serve we mean serve the dancers and the ceremony. The Chief will listen to inner guidance, guidance of Spirit and the Ancestors in making the crew position requests. If you would like to start a dialogue about which position you will be in please contact Brett on He'd love to hear from you. 

For each dance there are Dancers, Drummers, Kitchen Angels, Dance Guardians, Fire Keepers, Fire Mothers and Fathers, Wisdom Keepers and the Chief, all with different roles. But we all make a beautiful whole. 

All crew will be asked at various points in the dance to help watch over the dancers in breaks and at night.

For more information read more about the crew positions


A dance of this size takes a community to put it on. We would love to hear from you if you are able to help in any way in advance or afterwards. Help with lifts for those arriving from outside Iceland is always greatly appreciated by those you are helping. They would give you some money towards petrol. You can pick them up from the airport, or after they have taken a but to central Reykjavik.

Other things that are really helpful are:

* Helping to buy food for the kitchen in advance of the dance.

* Helping to prepare the arbor and land in advance of the dance.

* Lending international dancers a tent and bedding for their dance.

* Sharing this dance on Facebook or personally inviting others (Click "Share" on this page and then click "Invite Friends" from the drop down), who you think might be interested.

Please do let Anna know at if you are able to help in any way.

Look forward to seeing you in Iceland!

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Brett Almond

Brett Almond

The Dance Chief is Brett Almond, from England, who has been taking part in dance ceremony since 1993 when he first did a Corn Dance with Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow). Since this time he has been dancing, crewing and Chiefing a range of dances.

“I’m so happy to be Chiefing the Iceland Fire Dance in 2019. The Fire Dance takes me to a very ancient part of myself. Back to the energy of Creation. It has been transformative for me. I look forward to playing my part in creating a sacred and safe space for you. I look forward to welcoming you to this event, that is tribal, loving and exciting!

“I am really excited to be returning to lead the Fire Dance in Iceland in 2019. For this year’s dance I am feeling that the power of the Fire Dance will be accompanied by a beautiful sense of trust, intimacy, and connection between the people. There is so much upheaval in the world at the moment, politically, economically, socially and in so many other ways. I am seeing a weekend where we can remember that power lies within our own truth and feel nourished by the support and love we can offer each other. I hope you can be with us!!”

“I am also delighted to announce that Robbie Warren, the visionary of the Fire Dance, will also be here from the USA.”

My direct email:


Your Coordinator

Anna Björk Árnadóttir

Anna Björk Árnadóttir

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about being a part of the dance again this year. This surely is a transformational experience in my opinion. Since participating in the Fire Dance last year my heart is beating so strongly in excitement to experiencing it all over again.

I am a 37 year old mother of two and a wife of one ;) I have two lovely girls aged 4 and 11 and a very understanding and supportive husband. I am currently working at Sólsetrið with our beautiful and fierce host Linda Mjöll Stefansdóttir in building up an amazing retreat centre for all to come and shift their energies and feel the true magic of the land at Skrauthólar.

I will be YOUR person to turn to with any questions, problems, accommodation, transportation and anything else you might think of. So please do not hesitate to contact me at all. I am so looking forward to hearing from you all and most of all seeing you here in Iceland next summer. You can message me on

Warmest regards

Anna Björk

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Jul 27
  • 12:00 Arrive at the venue by midday (at the latest!)
  • 17:00 After orientation and group meetings the dance will start at some point before sunset


Jul 28
  • Fire Dance


Jul 29
  • 14:00 Approximate time to have the post dance feast!
  • 17:00 By this time you should be free to leave the venue




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Should I dance or crew?

If booking, you will need to decide if you are a dancer or a crew member. Both are incredibly fufilling. Go with what you are drawn to. 

If you need further information try reading this, or please feel free to email, the dance leader.


To serve on the Fire Dance Crew (no experience needed) select this option. This includes two nights camping, with your own tent. And includes food from Friday lunchtime until Sunday, for the feast in the early afternoon. The Dance Chief (Brett Almond) will intuitively select your position.

To serve on the Fire Dance Crew (no experience needed) select this option. This includes two nights in a shared caravan, with a mini kitchen. And includes food from Friday lunchtime until Sunday, for the feast in the early afternoon. The Dance Chief (Brett Almond) will intuitively select your position. Please get in touch on to discuss once you have paid.

Select this is you wish to dance. This will include the use of a tent if you would like one. Please let us know. In the Fire Dance you decide the level of donation, between $425 and $575.

Select this is you wish to dance. This will include the use of a tent if you would like one. Please let us know. In the Fire Dance you decide the level of donation, between $425 and $575.


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