Fire Dance - What to Bring & Getting Ready

  • Posted May 11
  • By Brett Almond
  • Iceland Fire Dance
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And getting prepared...

This page is for those who have decided to come to the Fire Dance in Iceland. It is for both crew members and Dancers. 

If you decide to come, we are very happy, and here is some further information!

What to do 

First off, that is great news! Please let us know and book your place. We would appreciate all outstanding monies are paid before the event if at all possible. And we also accept deposits.
You’ll need to book your place to sleep.

Let Anna know when you will be arriving and when you will be leaving on

What to bring (for everyone)

Here’s a list of things you may wish to bring whether you are dancing or crewing:
* Footwear for outdoors and indoors.
* Clothes for all kinds of weather. We will dance in all weather, including rain. Clothes for hot, cool, windy and rainy weather – We will dance rain or shine – and we will be dancing after sunset.
* If on the crew a watch you can carry on you, if you wish. No mobile / cell phones are permitted around or in the dance arbor. 
* Ceremonial skirts - Each person will need to wear a skirt or sarong or wrap around at the dance arbour. This includes both men and women, dancers and non dancers. This should go to below the knees. It can be any colour or material that you wish.
* At the end of the dance, after the sharing, there will be a Give-Away ceremony. We ask everyone to bring one or more item to give away. This is an item that has had some importance to you but is time to give to another person. (See the end of this document for more information).
* Tent and sleeping gear if you are camping. 
* You’ll need to bring your own towels etc. There are showers on site.
* A torch/flashlight or head lamp is useful for crew. Though probably not so important in Norway or Iceland where it is light nearly all the time in summer.  A knife is useful if you are a Dance Guardian, as are gloves.
* A ceremonial rattle if Dance Guardian. A drum if you are drumming, although not everyone will need a drum. Feather Fan if you are a Fire Father or Fire Mother. 
* Any special foods you need. Food for the lead up time. It may be possible to coordinate between us to cook.

In addition, what to bring, If you are dancing:

* Two white hand towels. These will be given to the Chief Dance Guardian. And will be used during the dance, when you will be brought wet towels for your own use. 
* One white sheet (not fitted sheets with elastic in). One will be for you. And the other you will give to the Chief Dance Guardian. 
* Bring your prayer ties that you have made. Also please bring some tobacco, string and cut up squares to make more if you want to while at the dance. 
* Optional - Face Paint. Painting your face before or during the dance is not only allowed, but encouraged. 

How to Pay

Don't forget to pay before you come. The easiest way is through PayPal to You can pay directly if you know how much you are paying, or you can pay on the Donations Page or the Iceland Fire Dance page.

And maybe let the community know you are coming on Iceland Facebook page.

Signing a disclaimer

All dancers and crew members will be asked to sign a disclaimer for this event. We will be asking you to take responsibility for your own well being. Unfortunately it is not possible to obtain insurance for an event such as this. Please be assured that we will be continually holding your best interests at heart. And one of our primary concerns is your safety.

“Thank you again for saying YES! What you do in the Fire Dance will change your life. It will change the planet. You are a powerful FIRE DANCER! Much Love and Gratitude!” - Robbie, Otter Woman Standing




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