How to get to the Fire Dance in Iceland

  • Posted May 11
  • By Anna Bjork Arnadottir & Brett Almond
  • Iceland Fire Dance
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How to get there...

There are probably three ways to get to the dance site, or you might think of more! Public transport, hire a car or get a lift.


The dance site located at:

Skrautholar 4, 116 Kjalarnes, Iceland


How to get to Reykjavík from the international airport:

There is a flybus that takes you all the way to the city center of Reykjavik. You can actually buy tickets for the bus on the plane with most airlines and also at the ticket office at the arrivals hall. You can also buy ticket on their website;

It takes the bus about 40 minutes to get to Reykjavik.

How to get to Sólsetrið (the dance site) from Reykjavík via bus:

There is a bus that will take you very close to the venue. So getting to Sólsetrið via bus is relatively easy. There is one bus no 57 that takes you from Mjódd bus terminal to Klébergsskóli (Kjalarnes). It is about a half hour ride. From downtown Reykjavík you can get plenty of buses that take you to Mjódd bus terminal. If you need any more directions, please do not hesitate to contact Anna Björk at


You can of course take a taxi to Sólsetrið and maybe if there is a few of you together the price is not so bad.

It does cost between 8.000 – 10.000 isk. So split between four people would be between 2.000 – 2.500 isk per person. The number for a taxi is (354) 588 5522 or you can book on

By Car:

From the main road, if travelling from the direction from Reykjavik, you will find the turning on your right hand side. There is a road sign that says “Skrautholar” and “Esjan”. You can see the sign above in the graphic. Turn up this road. Follow the dirt track and maybe about half a kilometre up there you bear left and into the complex. There is parking. (See map below)

To our knowledge there are 4 main car hire companies based at Keflavik Airport (Budget, Hertz, Avis and Europcar): 


We have a group on facebook for carpooling where you can ask for or offer lifts to the venue. Please share with us and others if you need a ride or if you can offer others a ride.




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